Breaking new grounds

After German Reunification, the Leipzig Trade Fair had to find its place in the new German reality. During East German times, fairs had been held in the traditional trade fair houses in the city centre and on the old trade fair grounds from 1920. In 1996, bold new trade fair grounds were opened in the outskirts of the city, with spectacular architecture and a congress centre. The central building, called the “Glass Hall” is suitable for large meetings as well as large events.

Where to sharpen instincts

The Leipzig Zoo, located right in the city centre, offers a large number of event locations. The largest is the historic Congress Hall which offers room for up to 700 people. Up to 300 people can meet in the Mekong event area of the enormous Gondwanaland tropical hall. Smaller events can be staged at Hacienda Las Casas. The five-star Westin Leipzig Hotel and the five-star superior Hotel Fürstenhof are within easy reach of the Leipzig Zoo.

The world is round

Since 2003, Yadegar Asisi has shown various incarnations of the largest 360 degree panorama painting in the world at the Leipzig Panometer. It is installed in the larger of two former gasometers, with the other one now serving as the foyer. The idea goes back to the popular panorama paintings from the late 19th and early 20th century. Like in Dresden, the Panometer in Leipzig can be rented for events outside of opening hours.