Culinary delights

Life would be nothing without the pleasure of eating and drinking. Saxons are well aware of this fact. Culinary delights have been an important part of the Saxon lifestyle at least since the Baroque ages when Augustus the Strong celebrated his legendary feasts. While traditional Saxon food is still very popular, modern and fusion cuisine have also captured the people’s hearts. International food is widely available and vegetarians are also catered for. To quench the thirst, a large variety of beers are on offer, as are Saxon wine and exquisite spirits. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

For the Indian palate

Indian food is available in many places in Saxony and other Indian dietary needs can also be catered for

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Dining Saxon style

Saxon cuisine may be firmly rooted in the tradition but modern chefs are reaching into the future and for the stars

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Sweet tooth

Hearty dishes are dear to the Saxons but they share a passionate love for sweet delights with the Indians

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On tap

It is a scarcely known fact that the Saxons drink more beer than any other Germans and they have good reasons for this

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Liquid heaven

Fine wine has been made in Saxony for more than 850 years and it can be sampled in the most delightful places

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