Indian food galore

Indian food has become very popular in Germany. So there are now lots of Indian restaurants in Dresden and Leipzig. In Dresden, the “Kamasutra” sticks out. While it is not in the city centre, it features different rooms completely decorated and furbished in authentic Indian styles. In Leipzig, Indian restaurants are lined up like a string of pearls in the city centre’s Nikolaistrasse street. Indian restaurants can also be found in historic towns popular with tourists, like Meissen, Görlitz or Bautzen. Even in smaller towns, Indian food has become available, though often in combination with other cuisines. Mostly, Northern Indian food is served. Halal food is also available, mostly in Arabian restaurants.

Other Asian delights

Asian food is widely available in Saxony. Most restaurants are run by Vietnamese, not Chinese families. This is due to the fact that Vietnamese people came to East Germany when Vietnam was a Communist brother country. Most of these restaurants serve either Chinese or Vietnamese food or both. In addition, there are a large number of Asian fast food places, offering dishes from various Asian countries. Japanese restaurants can also be found, serving not only sushi, which has become very popular, but also hot dishes.

Veg issues

In the last 20 years, the number of vegetarians in Germany has increased tenfold. Vegetarians make up roughly ten percent of the population now. Thus, veg food has become widely available. No eating place can afford to offer only non-veg cuisine anymore. Veg dishes are on offer and most chefs will be willing to prepare veg versions of non-veg dishes on request. In addition, vegetarian and vegan restaurants have been established, especially in the cities where most vegetarians can be found, catering for the young urban crowd that accounts for most German vegetarians.