Dreams on wheels

Saxons have always been crazy about cars and motorcycles, both of which have been made in Saxony for more than 100 years. It is in Saxony where Audi was born, where great luxury cars are still made today and where the annual MotoGP race on the Sachsenring draws a huge crowd every year. But even before the combustion engine was invented, the Saxons constructed vehicles which are still in operation today. So Saxony is a paradise for lovers of anything that is exciting and runs on wheels.

Great Saxon motors

Fine luxury cars have been made in Saxony for more than a century and the factories offer great insights to their visitors

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Minus two

Close to what was once the largest motorcycle factory in the world there are many treats for those who prefer two wheels to four

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Wheels of history

The historic means of transport still in regular service are testament to the great Saxon engineering skills of the past and the present

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